Things are….

Somewhat better now, thanks for asking. I am working very hard to pull myself up and out of not feeling well, so I can work on the mess that seems to have invaded my home. 😦 I’ve done yet another sink of dishes, I’ve put away the rest of the clothes that I folded yesterday, gathered up a bag of garbage from the futon, gathered up more clothes that will soon be heading into the washroom to get washed, got D’s blankets OUT of my living room (they had been in our bedroom, and yesterday afternoon I threw them out of our room and told her to take care of them), and worked on one more letter.

All while working on keeping a little boy from burning the house down. Okay, he didn’t put anything into outlets that don’t belong there (I’ve got to keep him from playing with cords half the time too :-(…ugh!) (he didn’t play with any cords this time though), but he was acting up like one would not believe. His nickname isn’t Hurricane P for nothing! He did a few PURPOSEFUL headers off the end of the couch, climbed up on the pile of clothes that I’ve gathered, wouldn’t sit and play with his blocks even though I asked him several times…I’ve got to get him to understand to KEEP the PullUps on until we’ve gotten to the changing table, no matter if he’s wet or dirty. I’ve got to find a way to transfer his understanding of waste producing movements from taking care of them after to going to the bathroom to do them in the right place. I KNOW he knows what the bathroom is for, not just for baths, but I’m not sure how I’m going to do it! When I’ve figured it out…I’ll let you know.

On the online front, besides having fun with all of this blogging and finding friends on Blog365 (see badge to your right), my WNY_C co-owner and I got a rather unsavory invite to an “adult content” group yesterday. Now, I’m the least prudish person I know (really, if you knew some of the things T’s co-workers know I’ve done for him—things that only belong between 2 consenting adults…I’m surprised they don’t think I’m a W or something—but then it IS within the confines of a marriage, so…), but I’m not going to join a group like that without looking for it myself. Heck, if the person had just approached it in a different manner, I wouldn’t have been so insulted. I’m concerned that they have used our group to troll for members to their group, and have done just as they have with us, and sent this invite to EVERYONE.

Okay, I’ve got to do 10 on Tuesday now…

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