Something of a day…

You should be happy for me, or think I’m crazy. I still don’t feel up to par, but I did make an attempt at improving on my heck-hole of a house! I folded some clothes. And even washed some dishes. What’s more, I WALKED DOWNTOWN. Hey, I HAD to go to the post office, I had to get the rent out, and send off some letters to my pen pals!!! And it’s crazy, but the weather in WNY is in the 60’s. What the heck? Hello, Mother Nature, it’s January!!! You’re nearly the furthest from the sun that you’ll be in a while!!! 😦 I want my snow back. And you can think I’m crazy for that fact alone. But I’m a WNY girl, and I love my snow!

So anyhow. I had a few random thoughts today.

For one, I’m pondering coming up with an award of my own. It’ll be fun, and maybe something others can do for their friends. I already know the first recipients. I HAD to write it down while we were walking back home (when I thought about it) so T gave me an odd look for holding back. Ah well, the mom of the girl we had with us had her chance to keep her from coming with. Not that I wanted her over at the house to begin with!!!

The other, I think I’m learning something about putting the little guy to bed. Other than one thing, I should just lay there with him until he falls asleep. Good heavens, half the time he was pushing me away some. I guess mommy just doesn’t get the hint! So we will do our best to leave him be for the majority of his bedtime ritual in bed. Lots of hugs and kisses beforehand, then hands off!!! The eye stroking thing just doesn’t always work!

Okay, I’m a sick person, so it’s time to go to bed.

I’m sure you’d like to send me to the insane asylum first though.

I wonder what my Wordless Wednesday’s going to be this week. And the next thing you see should be a 10 on Tuesday.

Okay, bye!


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