Random thoughts and comments…

Because it’s nearly 2 in the morning, and yet again I’m up WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO LATE. I’m stuffing the Penny Savers, as I didn’t get to them earlier, being in Buffalo all afternoon, and I didn’t want to stay up with them last night. I’m feeling MUCH better—as evidenced by the fact that I VACCED THE FLOOR, and did a sink full of dishes. I didn’t do another yet, but that’s for tomorrow or during the week. Hopefully this isn’t just residual from going to the crochet meeting, but hopefully it means that I’m getting better now! Like I said, I’m definitely feeling much better!!!

These are some random thoughts and comments based on posts from Sarcastic Mom. I think she’s pretty great, she’s been real sweet in her response to my comments, and she’s one of my few friends so far on Blog 365. I joined, I just haven’t put a badge up yet. And I’m doing pretty well….I should have joined that NaBloMo…whatever, the blog all the month of November thing. I definitely fulfilled that requirement. And I hope I’m able to do it this year too. Despite the things I’m afraid of—do you know the reason why I only put everyone’s first initial when I talk about them? Because I’m concerned about the coo-c’s out there—the scary wierdos that would come and do something to me or my family. Though I guess the places I should worry about that more are on Facebook or Myspace, though (a) I use their safeguards to keep people from seeing much info about me, no more than I want them to (only my friends have access to my address and pictures on Facebook, for instance) and (b) I only accept invitations from or send them to people I already know. Crazy, huh? I’m just trying to do what I can to protect my family but still have fun on the internet because, frankly, right now it’s just about the most day to day adult contact and intellectual stimulation I get right now. I have no job and I don’t get out as much as I’d like to, and not much more than my mom used to 😐

In response to her post “I’m Getting Addicted“:

In so many ways it sounds like me today at my crochet group’s meet up—me wanting to tear my hair out and melt into a crevice in my wonderful co-owner’s floor while she explained that my son will BE ALRIGHT, kid’s bounce (well, she didn’t put it that way, but boys do) and if she had a problem with what he took out (thank goodness, not so much this time) or where he was getting into, SHE’D say something…..

And every time I hear the word “island” in relation to a kitchen, I’m going to remember that awesome kitchen in the only apartment we’ve looked at so far in our new apartment hunt, because even though the rest of the apartment had it’s flaws, and I knew before we went we weren’t going to take it because it was way out of our budget, I would have loved to have taken that kitchen and put it in my pocket to take with me….I should just take all my comments from here and put them on my blog. It’s getting way to late at night…

In response to her post “Where I shut up“:

I’ve got one of those of my own—little baby boy butts -) 2 if you count daddy’s….ha ha….

I have yet to tell you in all our crossings that I’m going to have to put your blog in my daily visits folder in my bookmarks folder, because I need you to become my best friend.

Or at least constant comic relief.

You live up to your name! (Sarcastic Mom, I mean…)

Another thought I had…she actually shuts up? Ha ha…she’s gotta know I love her…:-)

I’m too silly. Have you ever had something like a crush from high school sorta bleed over into your present life? (Shut up those who are still in high school…or have that mentality.) My reigniting of my thing for Corey Haim some months back aside (I’ve put that fire out), the other day I was going through Facebook to see all the CVCS people who were on there. I came across the name (and picture) of this guy I had a MASSIVE crush on my sophomore year in high school. I clicked on his “Send T a message” and sent him a crazy one, saying how I just wanted to say hi, he probably never would remember me, and I have no idea if he knew it, but I had this thing for him when we were in high school, and that I had said after marrying my guy that I had married my own TR, as my mother in law’s maiden name is the same as this guy’s last name, and he was named after his grandpa so in actuality he’s my own TR. The explanation in the message wasn’t quite as long, but still I thought for sure he’d think I was a complete weirdo. When we were at the crochet meeting today, I opened my email to double check an email address, and there was a message saying the guy had sent me a message. At first I thought he had sent a friend request because someone else had (I can’t find that friend request now), but it just said he had sent a message. It basically just said hi, but I think I must have looked like a dork because I got a little giddy when I saw it and pointed it out to my co-owner.

Still, don’t you just love how anonymous you can be on the web, and how you can make such a big fool of yourself without anyone really knowing who you are? Silly silly silly….

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