Friday’s Feast #3

When was the last time you received a surprise in the mail, and what was it?

Depends on the type of mail service you’re talking. Snail mail, it was the first fb I had started for myself since getting back into fbs and penpals being returned. Email, it was the email I got today saying that our electric bill had been credited $77 for the wrong meter being used for billing. And for other delivery services, it would have to be my Candle of the Month showing up this evening. The last you can argue that it’s not really a surprise that it showed up, as I expect it every month, but it’s always so nice opening up the box and smelling the scent that month! (Plus, that’s a selfless plug! :-D)

If you could have a summer and/or winter home, where would you want it to be?

Depends on where we’re living at the time. If we’re living in Colorado, it would be here. Otherwise, it’s Colorado. 😀 Cassadaga if we’re living in Colorado, Bellevue otherwise. 🙂

Pick one: pineapple, orange, banana, apple, cherry.

Now what is the point of this one? I mean, why do we need to pick it? You know, all of those are fruits which you pick off a tree. Maybe that’s it? I don’t know….anyhow, it’s kinda hard to pick one, but I’d say apple. There’s nothing like a good apple—Granny Smiths are great—I love their tartness. Golden Delicious too, I love how they’re kinda sweet. MacIntosh are also good, the best for doing pies is Cortland, I think. Gala are my current snacking favorite though.

Main Course
Describe the nicest piece of clothing that you own.

Perhaps the nicest piece of clothing I own is my prom dress for my Senior prom. There’s not going to be a day too soon that I’m going to be able to fit into it again, but I’m not letting that thing go!!! A dear friend of mine (who I haven’t seen or talked to in ages, though I talked to her mom at the fair last summer) made it for me, between her making it and the materials it cost me $70. And it looked just awesome! I went stag, caught a ride from the friend who made it (her brother drove, which was a bit uncomfortable because he was in my class, she was in the year behind us, and since I had had a crush on him in 9th grade and he had gone out with one of my best friends at the time [different one than my ex best friend, and it was my own stupid fault for introducing him and my friend on the phone—the slut. She really was a slut too.], we had been on bad terms…he thought of me as some kind of feminist. In 9th grade? Well, I welcomed the label even then, but still). Maybe I can find and post a picture of me in it before I get done with this! That would be cool!

Ha, it did not take much! That’s in my parents’ backyard. I don’t have the watch or the shoes, and I certainly don’t have the corsage or the flowers from my hair (boy did those curls hurt), or the glasses, but I’ve still got the dress!!! Also, the bow, inner fabric on the skirt and the shoes are sort of a mint green color. Wow, this is an OLD picture—like 14 years almost!!!!

(Now to find our digital camera!!!!!)

If you could forget one whole day from your life, which day would you choose to wipe from your memory?

Hmmmm…so very hard. I mean, each day of your life and your memories of that day effect and shape who you are. There are some pretty tough days (especially lately), but in nearly all of them, if I think hard enough, I could probably come up with SOMETHING about that day that’s good and sweet and positive, that would give me a reason to salvage it from the dung heap.

But maybe I can come up with a day, and I can be VERY specific about that day. January 29th, 2000. It’s the day my friend Aimee died. Now, she wasn’t my BEST friend, but she was a good one. We had spent that New Years with her and her husband of 6 months. It was scary, after finding out she had been in the car accident (my mom was the person who told me and my ex best friend’s mother, who told my ex best friend, who HAD been best friends with her for some time, because my mom had found out from my sister who worked with Aimee’s older brother at the grocery store in town. Aimee’s older brother was in my grade—it had been 5 1/2 years since we graduated from high school, Aimee was 2 or 3 years behind, but we were still friends, in part because she lived 2 doors down from me when we first moved into town), thinking “well, if she dies I’ll make sure to come out and get *my ex best friend* so she can at least go to viewing hours.” I remember having that specific thought. And talking on my ex best friend’s mom’s phone both times—when my mom told me about the accident, and when my mom told me she had died. Just after the words came out of my mom’s mouth, my ex best friend’s mom told her. OMGoodness, the deep soulful, painful wail that came out of her—I never heard anything like it before, and I never want to hear anything like it again. For the first time in a REALLY long time, I’m tearing up just thinking about it. I had become numb to that feeling and the ones that arose in not wanting her to feel that way about me, because of all the stuff that has happened since with my ex best friend.

Now that I think about it further…I have a few thoughts. How did that effect my ex best friend? Has she been pushing people away (for example, me) in her actions, inadvertently, to prevent her from having THAT feeling again? How does it make her feel? I mean, we did talk about a lot of stuff, not just fluff stuff or the kids or crocheting, there were times both before we met our men (her boyfriend/fiance at the time I had to stop being her friend, and me with T), and after, that we’d sit and talk about things, about how we felt and everything. But I don’t think I truly could ever understand how that made her feel, even with knowing how close they were in high school and just after, and knowing that she and Aimee had gotten back in contact—through me.

The time during which I had to stop being her friend is another period that holds days that might be best forgotten. When I learned of a big part of the reason that I had to stop being her friend, when I told her about the reason, that whole week in between.

And then there were periods at the end of 1995 (I really meant 1995 the whole time, dang! 2005 was pretty good! 2006 sucked, 2007 redeemed, but in totem, they never equaled 1995!!! Well, actually, 2006 itself easily rivaled it!) that might be best forgotten too. But all that turned out for the best—without those days I wouldn’t have T, D or P. 😀 So I guess I can live with them. They all had T in them. 😀


  1. Too cool to find someone who feels the way I do about the dessert! I would have been more specific about my day in question, but sadly I cannot!

    Losing friends is the one of the hardest things, I am sad for your loss! It is interesting how it affects people so differently as you touched on in your post!

  2. It is crushingly hard to lose friends like that. The days I contemlate for this one involved similar thing.

    I love the dress, I’m a red-head, too and I wore green to the prom. Of course, I’m not brave enough to post any high schools pics of myself, even this many years later ;D

  3. I agree with Jami – you’re brave to post pics from high school. But, good for you! I, too, am a redhead! Enjoyed your feast! I hope that you’re having a great weekend. May your new year be blessed!

    Jennifer 🙂

  4. I have to say, considering how much weight I’ve gained since then, I’d be WAY more brave to post pictures from NOW!!! I’m about 130 pounds more than I was in that picture!!! 😐

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