Thursday Thirteen – 5th edition

Thirteen things I do instead of writing a story

Note: There are other actions that could be substituted for "writing a story." Examples include #7, 8, 10 and 11. Also, read the bible, pray, and spend more time with my family. But those are just examples :-|

1. Sit at my computer and write in my blog. Let's face it, I love to write. And I guess a case can be made that I DO write QUITE a bit, considering how well I've been doing keeping up my blog (despite feeling really off more than I'd like lately).

2. Crochet. Anything. Whatever project is current. Currently, Rosa's afghan. In my defense, this and other hobbies COULD constitute STILL being creative. But it irks me that I do #12 and say "this works as being creative". This is probably what I do most of, not #1.

3. Knit. Same as #2. Current project - wrap for D.

4. Watch tv. I like to watch several different things, and certain things at different parts of the day. And when the things I want to watch aren't on, there's always the stuff we have recorded!

5. Play a computer game. I don't just sit on the computer and blog. If so, you would actually have seen MORE lately on here. And I would have gotten this out sooner.

6. Go to WalMart. It seems to be a second home for us.

7. Sleep. Okay, I don't do this as much or as often as I should, but it definitely fits!

8. Read other people's blogs. I'm not really as up on this as I should be, and maybe I should (gulp) do this a bit more, but then there's a lot of things I should do a bit more that will show up on this list.

9. Eat. Oh, now here's something I do WAY too much of. Way way too much. Especially over the Christmas season!

10. Clean. Another thing I should do more. But to my defense, I've been doing better at this than I have in a while.

11. Read books. Okay, another thing I should do way MORE of. But it's something that would and does replace writing.

12. Make excuses. And I can get really creative with these, too. Like, this whole list. I had originally put this down in my "list of ideas" for the Thursday Thirteen as something of a joke, but it's becoming something of a reality.

13. Worry. I read a quote recently (and let me know if you know where it's from)---If you worry, you haven't prayed. And if you pray, you don't worry. Paraphrased, probably misquoted, but it's pertinent!

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  1. Eck, I suck at writing stories. That’s why I did NaBloPoMo this last year, instead of NaNoWriMo. My stories get WAY too complicated, and I can never just stick to one storyline, haha.

    Thanks for stopping by mine! Happy TT!

  2. Surfing the net and reading other people’s blogs is a HUGE distraction for me too!

    Thanks for stopping by my Thursday Thirteen.


  3. You see we suffer many of the same writing distractions….but I made a goal to set some time each day to my writing and so far so good, but we are not that far into this year are we????
    Ask me how I am doing in February.
    Great theme for T13.

  4. I love to knit but I’m afraid that my knitting ability is limited to scarves and hats. I’m hoping to advance to larger things in the future…

    The television is definitely my largest distraction. I think I could watch tv all day long…

    Happy TT!
    Nichole @ Easier Said Than Done

  5. With so much to do, it’s easy to get sidetracked. Watching TV and blogging are a couple of things that distract me as well.

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