10 on Tuesday #4

Yes, I skipped a week. I didn’t have much to list last week, and my odd funk started after Christmas was over. I don’t know if it was just a general let down after all the “fun” leading up to the holiday—I know I WAS NOT stressing myself out AT ALL (at least, not over the major things—I wasn’t too crazy if you remember over my sister still not getting me what I wanted, something I actually paid the majority of, blah blah blah)—or if this is just how my moods are going to start going. Oh well, more commentary on that in another post (probably one under this, as I’m going to post this, then write for Monday, the last day of the old year).

Without further ado:

10 Predictions for the New Year

1. We’re going to move. A no brainer? Maybe. I want to move. We need to move, for one reason or another. Just as long as we’re not FORCED to move by our landlord, that’s all I care about.

2. P’s development will just BUST OUT. With all of everyone’s (read: my sister and mom) concern over “he’s not talking enough” blah blah blah—give the kid some time. I’m not a mom who is ignoring that there’s a problem. But sometimes people just blow such stuff out of proportion. He’s learning, I get to see him every day and I think I’ve got a better gauge on how and what he’s learning than everyone else. And it’s not as if I didn’t need just ONE MORE THING to worry and obsess about.

3. The elections will be a surprise. You know, a lot of these predictions aren’t based on “guesses” so much as evaluation of past events and current trends. Of course, you might say something like the elections can’t be determined. Or, that current trends will tell us just what will happen. I don’t think so. There have been too many elections that ended just crazy (let’s see, to reference one since I’ve been able to vote, let’s see—uh—2000!). Don’t put all your eggs in one basket as far as the caucuses, primaries, or even how it looks the general election will be until they happen.

4. The new pres won’t be quite what we figured BEFORE we voted, AFTER he (or she) takes office. This runs more into 2009, since that’s when our new pres will take office, but I don’t think we’ll get what we bargained for. We never do 😐

5. Someone in this family will have a baby. NO I’m not talking about myself (necessarily). Well, I’m not saying there’s anything I haven’t mentioned yet. There’s little possibility of that right now (since we have this small theory that the only time I’m really fertile is in September). But, do realize there are 3 other choices besides me. T’s got 2 brothers (hey, his older brother will NOT be out of the running until he’s gone! Which hopefully won’t be for a long time!), and my sister is married. I don’t know whether or not T’s younger brother and his wife are planning on another (you know, that would be 4 kids in less than 5 years!), but we’ve all got the possibility to get pregnant and have (another) kid!

6. I hesitate at this—someone we know may die. I don’t know who—but we have really had a derth of deaths in the family in recent years. Crazy way to put it—but we’ve had 2 this year. Hmm, maybe 3. Still, I feel more coming—I just hope it’s not anyone close to us. 😐

7. People WILL buy more candles.

At least, they better!

No, no, I will be working on this more. I have to!

8. I’ll get more penpals. I keep getting letters in the mail from more people who see my name in an fb and decide to write me. I was wondering earlier, what exactly is it that makes someone say “hey, I think I’ll write HER” when they see my name? I’m a child of God, worthy of love and all, but you know how low self esteem is. It makes me wonder is all.

9. I WILL get back on track with Flylady. Why? Because I have to.

10. All those bills that have been a nagging me because of the phone calls and the very fact that they exist will get taken care of, at least a small part of them! Because they have to. And because of #9.

Okay, prepare yourself for a real soul searching post in the next one. Maybe. I’m going to go make dinner, then we will see!!!


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