Thursday Thirteen – THANKS!

I wanted to thank everyone for their GREAT comments last week! It made me feel good to see how people looked at my relationship with my hubby, I love my life with him, and thank God every day I have him. I know how truly lucky I am to have such a great guy (most of the time!). It’s not picture perfect, but it’s not hell on earth either 🙂 I thought my parents had THE GREATEST love story when I was growing up, now I’ve got one almost as nice! (if you’re not a steady reader, they’ve been together 33 years!) I hope my sister (who has now been married 2 years) and both our kids are able to be just as lucky in their love lives! And also, thank you for reading. Your comments are what make doing this REALLY FUN!!!!! Do you get the same thrill I do???

I want to impart a bit of an explanation that one of the responses prompted.

My ex-best friends (I have 2 friends who are now my ex-friends, both for different reasons) used to complain about their guys ALL THE TIME. So I know how downright horrible some women can be, even if their relationships are actually pretty dang good. It was with both of them—and, frankly, kinks we had to work out in our own relationship….if I had a nickel for every time T told me “I’m not so and so’s husband” in the first 5 years we were married, I wouldn’t need the candle biz to pay off certain bills!—and how hard they complained and crabbed about their guys but still stayed with them, plus a little bit of my mom pointing out how hard he works for us and how he’s stayed here even
though he probably wants to be back out in Colorado by HIS family, that cemented in me the resolve to look for mostly the great things about my guy. There are things I don’t like about him (I won’t go into it now, but I’m sure I’ve complained a time or two before), or that aggravate me to no end, but overall I know how wonderful he is, and how much I love him, and how very very lucky I am to be Mrs. L and his *Dear*. 🙂 His arms have ALWAYS been that one place where nothing else exists, just me and him (and maybe the kids from time to time :-D). It’s one place that, seriously, my mind is calm, and peaceful, and I can relax. I can’t describe it any better than that. And I mean JUST when hugging the guy 😀 (if anyone else had another idea—get your MIND out of the GUTTER!).

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