Written Wednesday Night….

So, I was getting ready to blog about my good day, and working my way through about 100 other blogs with Thursday Thirteen posts, when my cable went out. Which means, since we’re with the almighty Time Warner Cable, and now we’ve got all 3….no tv means no computer and NO PHONE. Oh well, I don’t mind the quiet. I should have known that it definitely wasn’t the cable cord *somehow* becoming disconnected—D & P were both asleep, and I heard my neighbor reacting (running or moving or something) upstairs right after. To that end, I’m saving the post I wanted to write to a text doc and I’ll post it when I know we’ve got the ‘net back!

I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the weather. We’ve got a big storm coming to the area—supposedly it’s part of everything that hit back west…Missouri, et al. I keep wondering how T’s little bro T2 is doing. They live in Missouri. Must be they didn’t get hit too hard, because my mother in law called last night, and she had just been talking to T2’s wife, M. But, we had been planning to go up to Buffalo to do some shopping, and now I don’t think it’s such a great idea, since the worst is supposed to hit here and it’s supposed to be between 7 am and 7pm. T’s got vacation (since he scheduled it because he thought his dad was coming out), and will be here tomorrow and Friday. Maybe most of it will get through here before Friday, so we can go up there. I really don’t want to shop at WalMart….nor do I want to wait until next week (T’s also got Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off).

What I did the rest of today (yesterday), after writing the post about the coffee…

Sorted through the 4 boxes of things that D is keeping, but that she will have to earn back. It’s now down to 2 boxes that she ABSOLUTELY earns back, 1 of miscellanious toys, 1 of stuff for the dolly she’s had forever, and 1 of just Barbie stuff (in a Girl Scout cookie box). Before that I checked my big Christmas box to see if there were any more Christmas cards. Nope, they had all been put in the small box. I wonder if I’ll be able to get the “extra” things in the big box this year? I still haven’t figured out where we’re going to put the tree. I’d like to put it in the area the other desk was, now that it’s been cleared out, but I think, since it was cleared out because of the “rain” from the ceiling, T will object to that. Wanna place bets on how long it will be before the resident manager replaces the ceiling tiles? 😐 I want out of here so bad. I also rearranged the stuff at the bottom of the stairs, where all the boxes, etc, were waiting, so that I could put the big Christmas box piled with other Christmas things there. The boxes of D’s stuff are on the stairs, so that can go up at any time. I’ll keep it all right at the top, that’s where it would mostly be anyhow because that’s where I’ve been putting the kid’s toys as they get phased out. I did some dishes, though not all of them. My water kept draining out again 😦 I’ve got to get dish soap tomorrow.

I’m not sure if the “experiment” of having that cup’a today (yesterday) worked, but I will be going to bed soon. I felt in a much better mood most of the day. I’ve got to make up a grocery list, if nothing else while D’s at school (when I planned on doing the shopping up in Buffalo), then I can do the groceries as she has a concert tomorrow night (tonight).


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