Christmas Shopping Festivities will begin…..

As soon as T is ready. I’ve got to put on socks and boots, and dress P to his boots, but T is going to take a shower because I made a comment (not a bad one). But just as soon as he’s ready, we’re going to be heading out the door. We’re gonna shop up near Buffalo. Can’t wait—it’s been years since I went to a ToysRUs, and I just love to look around other stores. There’s not really much that we’ll be getting that we can’t get here…I just don’t want to spend all my money at WalMart all the time! 😐 And I want to get out of here! LOL!

We’ve got to get P a haircut. We haven’t yet because I just don’t think he’ll be thrilled about having to sit in a chair and have scissors coming at his little head! I think he will be really scared! But everyone keeps thinking he’s a girl! You’d think the BLUE or BOYISH CLOTHES we always have him in would be a bit of a tip off, but NOOOOOOOO. It’s gotta be the hair. :-S

Well, gotta go get P out of D’s room!!! And get him ready for shopping 😀

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