Wordless Wednesday #3 – First in 5 Years!

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  1. I will have another daily update shortly….

    But, yes, my first in 5 years. I realized I forgot to explain why when I was reading the post over. I’ll include that in my update.

    It could have had more flavor—I’m on Weight Watchers (for those who are new), and so I can’t add sugar to it. But I LOVE the International Delights flavored creamers, which is part of why I started (Christmas ones just sound YUM). Maybe I’ll live with the Points just for that (I prefer Core, even though I’ve not been perfect), and get some flavorings at Timmy Ho’s too!

  2. I haven’t had a cup of coffee since circa 1987, so it’s been about 20 years! (gasp!)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog — it’s nice to see a fellow Western New Yorker! You must be enjoying some nice winter weather now!

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