Saturday – I’m Sore!

Last night I didn’t get to bed until 1. About an hour later than I had anticipated, but at least it wasn’t 2 or later. I don’t like when that happens. I ended up doing a bit more cleaning, and working on a rose.

Not that you can really tell now. I did fold the Penny Savers when I wanted, and I got to the church at about 11:30…not in time to do the gift bags, but I ended up helping pack up cars, etc, and set up over at the park. P was really good (as I had to bring the kids with me so T could sleep), and D was her usual sulky self (11 year olds!), and I enjoyed the work. Had to finally extricate myself from the tent so we could go get D’s turtle neck shirt for the musical, and a few other things. Then we came home so she could change, and she came out and told me that she couldn’t find the shirt they had given her. I came in and looked, and decided that when she went to the rehearsal, I’d take care of cleaning and packing up her room. So that’s what I did from roughly 3 to about 8:30, 9. It’s pretty much done. So now my living room looks like a bomb went off in it, and the rest of the house isn’t much better. The dishes are slowly multiplying, and because of all the work I did in her room, I’m dealing with a minor headache (ha ha).

Tomorrow is the musical, then when we get home I plan on getting the Penny Savers out. That’s going to be fun because We’re supposed to have nasty weather. Then home to go through her clothes and clean up this house. Then the rest of the week is going to be sorting through more of her stuff and the other boxes that ended up coming out, and cleaning up this place in case T’s dad does come out here this week. T called this morning while I was doing the Penny Savers to double check and make sure. Long story short, depending on a certain money situation he may and or may not come out. I’d prefer not only because I will have a good amount of money for Christmas. Of course, with all this bs with her room, I’m wondering what we will be getting her. I wasn’t really sure to begin with. Most things would end up just being clutter. P isn’t that hard to buy for, I just will have to do something with what he’s already got to make room. And of course there’s the question of where the heck I’m going to be putting a tree this year. I’d likd to put it here in the computer room now that we have the space where the old computer desk was cleared out, but there’s always the problem of the water dripping from my ceiling.

And the reason why I’m sore….my ankles hurt, and of course my head, but I’m not terribly sure why my ankles hurt other than having to pick up my boots.

That’s it. Wish me luck tomorrow. I wish T was home right now so I could curl up to him 😦

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