Wednesday’s Plan

Dishes (of course!)

27 flings around the house, of both varieties

Fold whatever needs folded, and put away
Sort things on futon
Pick up the floor
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc

Start Advent project with kids
Clear mantle
Figure out dinner

I didn’t get very much done yesterday—I folded one bit of clothes that needed to be folded, and I made dinner, and went to Weight Watchers (where I learned that I gained nearly 2 pounds, oh well). But I was another one of you who were tired. I didn’t go to bed as early as I intended to (I had all intentions to go to bed when I put P down, but then I got back up and worked on a few things), but I did go to bed at a much more decent hour than usual and got up, officially, at about 10. Since then I’ve been working on my dad’s scarf, and I will start doing the list again at about noon. 🙂

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