10 on Tuesday #2

This week’s post is supposed to be 10 Favorite things to Complain about. As soon as I saw that last week, I knew I just couldn’t do that. I have to do 10 Favorite things to Praise God For. Because I don’t like to complain. Sometimes around here it might seem like that, and I could certainly come up with 10 things, but I just don’t feel right doing it. (Besides, if you really want to go the Complaint route, MOST of these things apply that way too!!! Just not 1 or 8.)

  1. Jesus. And bringing me back to the fold. Even though things might seem hard right now, they are so much easier to deal with because I know God loves me and wants me to confide and abide in Him, He will carry me through, and my family and I will be just fine when it’s all done 🙂
  2. T. He’s the love of my life, the bread to my butter (and vice versa), the wonderful daddy to my kids, my soul mate, my sounding board, my everything.
  3. D and P. They may be pains from time to time, but they are great kids. I can’t say enough good things about them. She really is a smart girl, and it’s just amazing watching him growing up!
  4. Life itself. Where would I be if I couldn’t experience this wonderful, awful, tremendous thing we call life. A roller coaster it is, but God is my seatbelt! 😀
  5. Sleeping babies. They are little angels when they are asleep, perhaps the only time they are really good.
  6. This apartment. It may not be perfect, and we may need to get out, but at least it’s an roof over our heads.
  7. My family. I’m not talking about T, D and P here. I’m talking about my mom and dad, my sister, her husband and his sister and mom, and all of my husband’s relatives, even the ones I’d rather do without. Because they all had a part in shaping my wonderful husband.
  8. The Candle Biz and everyone included in it. I put my mentor/sponsor down as one of the things I was thankful for when I wrote my Thanksgiving list (sorta a practice for the Thursday Thirteen, hee hee), and I really mean it. She and her sponsor are two really great ladies. When my second recruit had a million questions, they helped me answer them for her! In fact, that made sure to give the right answers, which I wasn’t totally sure about! And I’ve not just used Mary as help, but she’s been a sounding board too lately! Lots of people get to listen to me…:-P I love that she does in fact have Yahoo messenger, because now I can pull her up almost any time, and she’s right there nearly any time I need her. It used to be through email or the phone, but now that I know she’s on the net too—poor lady, she’s gotten a lot of questions even from me! And she’s so ready to help with EVERYTHING!
  9. Newspaper. It’s soaking up what got on the floor from the ceiling that didn’t go into the buckets!
  10. Snow. I live in WNY. I love snow for the first month or two. Christmas is not Christmas without snow!

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