PODA updated, and the rest of my day

First the update on my PODA:

Sort through the baskets of D’s clothes in the living room – Done!
Clear off and move the computer desk that used to be sitting under where the ceiling is leaking (I’m going to put it by the door and use it to house the shoes and as a place to put things when we come in the door. I’ll keep it clear!) – Done!
Dishes (of course!) – About half way there 🙂
27 flings around the house, of both varieties – ongoing

Wash P’s and my clothes – done (they’re in the washer at least, just waiting for the dryer to clear)

Move what’s in the washer to the dryer – Done

Fold whatever needs folded, and put away – moved to tomorrow

Put the iron-on letters on my bag (a bit of an advertisement, it’s the bag I not only use as a purse but more importantly carry candles in. It’s going to say “Makes Great Gifts”) – doy! Right on the package it says “no synthetic fabrics” and that’s ALL my bag is…good thing I got the tube of fabric paint, huh? I put “Makes A Great Gift”. My intention—for SOMEONE SOMETIME to ask me “What makes a great gift?” Do you think it might work?
Sort things on futon – This may just be taken care of tomorrow, between MOPS and Weight Watchers
Pick up the floor – mostly done. Isn’t amazing how it grows though?
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc – Boxed up the computer stuff that had been here though!

Start Advent project with kids – I think I will do this after dinner is done! 🙂 Forgot 😦
Clear mantle

Bring down Christmas stuff (maybe some of the stuff on the old computer desk can go upstairs too, after D gets home) – Done

Next, what I was doing after (and sometimes instead of) doing what I should have been (like, stuff on the list):

Through the plugboards I found a forum for PSPers, or People who use Paint Shop Pro. It’s not just people like me who are just getting into it—they’re a lot more advanced than that sometimes! But I like playing with it (another facet of my creativity coming through), and anything to help me further taking care of my family (within reason, of course….there are some lengths I WON’T go to!). It’s also fun (and I am serious….my plugs so far look rather amateurish!). And the lady who has put up all the tutorials (and seems to be the head of the forum) seems pretty cool already 🙂 I definitely look forward to learning more about PSP!

P went down fairly roughly, but eventually he got there. I’ve got to get it through his mother’s head (yes I’m talking about me) that she’s got to get him IN THERE and WORKING ON IT before 8:30—probably before 8! And I thought I was doing good even getting dinner going. Nope, still ended up too late 😦 Tomorrow I plan on using the crockpot—for split pea soup! Which I will start after we get home from MOPS and probably going to visit my mom. Which means I need to get going to bed here!!

This morning I didn’t start right on stuff. When I got up, T told me he wanted to go to the bank. So shortly there after I got dressed and we left. We never made it to the bank. And most of his pay check from last week is gone :-S But I got some yarn for mom’s hat and maybe even a scarf, and he got his digital scale! Then he came home and went to bed!

Well, I need to get going to bed myself, so I will see you all tomorrow! I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of 10 on Tuesday!

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