Finally, the PODA – update #1

Sort through the baskets of D’s clothes in the living room – one basket done (it’s actually a box), 2 to go. I’ve already put a nice little pile into my donation bag (one of those large Ziplock Storage bags, which I got when I got the clothes from my first recruit a while back. It’s pretty full, I’m going to have to find another container, possibly just my donation box, to put the clothes in).
Clear off and move the computer desk that used to be sitting under where the ceiling is leaking (I’m going to put it by the door and use it to house the shoes and as a place to put things when we come in the door. I’ll keep it clear!) – 1/2 done – the desk is clear, I’m going to be moving it as soon as I get up from here. I’m going to leave one of the computer towers on it, as it’s the one we borrowed from dad when the other computer bit the dust.
Dishes (of course!) – haven’t even looked at the kitchen yet, but as soon as I have the desk moved, that should be next!
27 flings around the house, of both varieties – well, unless you can count all the garbage I took off just that desk….not yet
Wash P’s and my clothes – the washroom is the next room after the kitchen, and if I haven’t gone for the kitchen yet, LOL….this will be brought in when I go to the kitchen so I can do both this and the next one while the sink is filling with water!
Move what’s in the washer to the dryer
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away – not yet, but soon! 🙂
Put the iron-on letters on my bag (a bit of an advertisement, it’s the bag I not only use as a purse but more importantly carry candles in. It’s going to say “Makes Great Gifts”) – I’m thinking I’ll do this after P goes to bed tonight
Sort things on futon – gotta move the desk, which is blocking the futon. There’s really just a box of things on there, which is where I toss things to take care of later, etc
Pick up the floor – wow, finally something else I did. Not a whole lot of it, but the floor doesn’t look like it’s littered with stuff anymore
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc – I just piled more stuff on it, this time computer items from the other desk, which will be put in a box of their own, which I will also be looking through, and trying to consolidate or something to find room to put everything
Start Advent project with kids
Clear mantle
Bring down Christmas stuff (maybe some of the stuff on the old computer desk can go upstairs too, after D gets home) – This has been done, as it was something I planned on doing as soon as the desk was clear, since then I could put the one tower upstairs and the other on the stairs. Yes, there were 2 on the desk, don’t get me into T and his computer stuff :-S I’m going to have to find a way to convince him to go through the box down here and the large box that’s more than overflowing upstairs. 😐
Decorate with said stuff – partly done—I have my door wreaths up on our main entrance door and my front door 🙂

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