Thursday Thirteen – 1st edition!

Thirteen Things about Allison (aka AngelGal)

1. I'm is my husband, T, whose birthday is exactly 5 days before mine :-)

2. I'm a mom to 2 wonderful kids---D, 11, and P, 2.

3. I have roughly 8 hobbies (can increase with the seasons), and I often forget at least one while listing them, but I'll try to anyhow---I crochet (now and forever my #1 hobby---I can do wonders with a crochet hook and a bit of yarn or thread. I could crochet with something else, but haven't tried much of anything else yet. You can always check out one of my other blogs, either the one for my crochet projects, or the one for the crochet group I own, WNY_Crocheters.), knit, cross stitch, bead, sew, bake, cook (the hobby is in the experimentation, though I'm not as much into it as some people I've seen on the web----wowwie wow wow wow!), bead and swap fbs and write penpals. During the spring and summer it can increase to include gardening and camping, and maybe one day it will also include some of the wonderful outdoor activities that help with #6.

4. This is the first blog I've been good about keeping. Most of the other ones (okay, I've only ever had 2 other ones in my life, but still) have gone by the way side quickly. I like that Blogger is connected to Google, because my main email is a Gmail account.

5. I'm a born again Christian. I was brought up Lutheran. My parents married in the same church that I was brought up in, I was baptized in, my sister was baptized in, she got married in, we both got confirmed in, I had both my kids baptized in and we renewed our vows at 2 years ago. After having some personal disagreements with other members of the Christian faith (those problems still exist to some extent, as it does for my father and even my mother, but I have realized that my focus does not belong on just His family, but on my own walk in faith), I swerved off a path I had been on since I was about 12 (when I first said the prayer to accept Jesus, etc), and decided to look elsewhere. I always had church and God somewhere in my mind, but thought (as all who fall away) that I could do it on my own. Earlier this year it began to dawn on me that I can't.

6. I'm going to Weight Watchers. So far, since January, I've lost 52.4 pounds. This isn't the first time I've gone, but WW is definitely the only program I've ever tried. I never tried any of the other fad diets....WW is what works best for me, and I'm not going to try anything else.

7. I have a Penny Saver route. I walked in the office, which happens to be very close to my house, and asked if I could have the route surrounding the house and the Penny Saver office. I have it for 2 reasons, the first being losing weight, but there is another reason...

8. I have a candle business. I sell Mia Bella Candles, and the other fine products in the line. My favorite candles are the Bella Buns, which look and smell just like real cinnamon buns. I also like the hand and foot cream, Bella Balm, quite a bit. So far I have recruited 2 WONDERFUL ladies, both of which sorta fell into my lap. I didn't need to do barely any promoting or convincing at all. The first noticed the Biz Opp line on my business card. The other bought some things from my online store when I told the group we are in together that I finally had the online store added to the website. I personally signed up as an Associate first, to get my foot in the door and cement the fact in my own mind that I wanted to do it. Before I went Candle of the Month, where you get a 16 oz jar candle and 12 votives in that month's scent, plus a Bella Bar (soap!), I got myself a website but, at least at that time, they didn't include the storefront with the website. So I had to wait about a month and then I was able to go COTM and get the store.

9. I write. Sure, we all write. And I have to write to have penpals, right? But, no, I WRITE. Now, I'll give it to ya that I haven't written a lick of a story for MONTHS, but they are still back there. The character from a story from my first Creative Writing class is still bouncing around in the back of my head. She made an appearance about a week ago, and I made sure to write down the thoughts and points that came to mind surrounding her story, but I haven't written anything since, and nothing much before that either.

10. I'm a SAHM. I feel drawn to and that it is my calling to give just as much as I can into being D and P's mommy. That's not to say I don't have a career goal. I went to college, thus having that Creative Writing class I mentioned back in 9, to get my BA in English (which I completed December 04. OH wow, the realization that it's been 3 years since I got done hits pretty hard every time. Anyhow, I got my BA in English so that I could go on and get my Masters in Library Science. I plan on working on THAT when we move out to Colorado, which is where my husband is from. I also took an Internet Programming class when I was in college (and some basic computer programming while in high school, though that might be a bit trickier to do now), so that's how I have fun playing around with the blog :-D.

11. My favorite color is black. Sure, other colors are nice. I wear other colors. I don't have a problem with other colors, in fact I wouldn't want the world without the other colors. But my favorite color is black. It has been since I was in high school, and it continues to be so even now.

12. My favorite number is 2. It doesn't drive much of anything in my life---I mean, I have 2 kids, but we didn't stop there because of any arbitrary reason. Right now I don't want to have anymore, but we are not restricting ourselves to 2 for any good or bad reason. That's just how it is. And if #3 comes along, well, I'm getting my tubes tied. Plain and simple. 2 are bad enough (and I've already got 3 if you count my husband!). But I really don't mind the number 13 either! I'm not a superstitious gal! :-D (or else I'd call myself Superstitious Gal and not AngelGal)

13. I collect angels. That's part of why I call myself AngelGal. Also, in a few ways it's a shortening of other monikers I've taken on during my time on the internet. Those include RedheadedAngel, and simply RedAngel. Cause I have red hair :-)

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  1. Hey, there! Welcome to Thursday Thirteen!! It’s nice to get to know you — you’ve got neat stuff to say.

    I hope you’ll come back and visit more often — and that you’ll become a regular TTer. It’s such a great community; I know you’ll fit in well.

  2. Welcome to TT. That’s a great intro list, it really says something about you too.

    I love to cook, and I collect cookbooks :).

  3. Thanks for the hollas everyone! 🙂 I feel special, and I’ve only got 5! 🙂 At least someone likes me! (low self image much?)

    No, but really…

    I plan to stick around for a while, this was actually really fun. I now realize what a FUN challenge it’s going to be to come up with those 13 things—and what they are going to be on—every week! I will DEFINITELY being checking in with everyone again next week (and maybe a few times before that too! :-))

    TT is TOO TOO MUCH FUN! Almost (more so) addicting than Paint Shop Pro! Which I’ve really loved for YEARS! 😀

  4. Hi, you! Good 1st TT! Nice to begin to get to know you. Also, thank you for visiting my TT. ” REL=”nofollow”> The Share a Square Project, granny squares for kids with cancer.

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