Turning a difficult day into a good one.

Do you know how I’m doing that? By turning my thoughts to Him. Yup. Gotta do that, right? And when I think about what shelter He has provided for me, my thoughts turn to another him…my husband. That’s who God has provided for me to share my tears with, heck I don’t even have to cry to him (besides, he doesn’t like seeing people cry). I just need to go curl up next to him. While waiting for dinner to bake, I guess that’s what I’ll do.

And I was going to sit down here and complain about my day. Again, in retrospect, it wasn’t all that bad, really. The worst part was being tipped back, in what at first appeared to be a very restful position, and then having someone poking, prodding, picking and pulling at my mouth. We went to the dentist today. One way to look at it is that the worst is over, and if I’m smart (which we all know I really am), all I have to do to propagate this transformation of my teeth and gums is to do what I should have been doing all along—brush my teeth! Which I will do after dinner’s done.

I know I’m going to have another rough night with the little guy. It’s after 8, and I just now have dinner on. I’ve got to work on forethought with all these things. Tomorrow will be partially spent deciding on a dinner menu for the rest of the week. Things went the best when I did that. That way I can figure out a grocery list. Hopefully it won’t go more than $50 at Aldi’s, which would be good because I really can’t spend much more than that. Or can I? Hmm. Just as long as I leave my savings account alone this week and next…hmm. I don’t know. I will have to look it over…

And keep up this thought I’ve been working on to deal with everything….

He will provide. He has so far, He will continue to do so. I think He’s starting to throw some my way, by way of Mary (thanks again, sister!), with the leads she’s been sending my way. As long as I work them—some day one of the leads who went to my site will pick up the phone, and I’ll be able to talk to them about the biz. I got one today that I’m really hopeful about! 😀

I’m not sure if I’m going to do a meme for Wednesday today. I think I’ll have to look in the photo files before I decide if I will, because the one I will do would be Wordless Wednesday. Have I shot that one down already? Hope not….oh well 😀

Later days.

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