It’s Thursday night, 5 more minutes until Friday!

Today was again pretty much a good day. I didn’t get the last basket in the living room done, but I did fold 2 others, both T’s. I didn’t get out and do phonebooks again like I wanted to, but I’ve got one more set bagged and ready to go out on the next nice day. I didn’t get the floor vacced again like it needs, but it’s cleared of toys and pretty much everything else that’s big enough to trip you. I didn’t get the dishes finished, but I did do 3 sinkfuls despite having a thumb that hurts because of a couple small cuts from the tape measure I had to get out of P’s hands this morning.

I got P to bed by 9 again. And he went to bed SO easily. I’m hoping somehow this trend will continue. 2 more days until our 12th anniversary. We’re not planning anything big. And I’m not going to be doing the flea market at a local American Legion this weekend either. Oh well. I’m not upset, it was a nice idea but it’s just not possible right now. I don’t have anyone to watch the kids—T will be going into work at 4 Saturday, and I don’t want my dad to have to deal with the kids for 6 hours!!! I won’t be able to deal with the stress myself!!! I’d bring them with, but I just don’t like the idea of having to keep P calm and sequestered while I’m trying to make a sale! 😦 Oh well, I’ll keep praying for opprotunities. Things will come around when they are supposed to! 🙂

Other than that, I’m going to be getting up here shortly and have my tea 🙂 Tonight it’s Chamomile. I’m going to go in the living room and sit in there 🙂


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