Finally at the Finish Line

You know, I sat down here not totally sure what I wanted to write. Someone had listed something she had been thinking of this week on her blog, while I was reading the blogs I like to look at. It occurred to me to maybe do something like that. I’ve been pondering joining the Thursday Thirteen, and I think I’m going to do that next week. Also, twice this week I thought about my position on abortion. My thoughts haven’t changed, really. Only now my personal inner fight with it is stronger. But I stand by my thoughts.

Do you want to know what they are? I guess I’ll still tell you. If you don’t want to know, go on to the next paragraph, I’ll mark it for ya….

I’ve always thought that, should I be pregnant, it wouldn’t be an option for me. I’d be with a guy that I loved a lot and was going to be staying with, and so I wouldn’t have to decide whether or not I’d get one. The point would be mote. And it was when I came to that place—I was with a guy I loved and was going to stay with (and who was, by the way, very excited by the idea he was becoming a daddy…he couldn’t keep the smile off his face when I told him), and I was entering a life I was very excited about. The second time, of course, the relationship with the same guy was nearly 10 years old, and we had totally planned that one. As for whether the option should exist, period, well….I was once called and asked what my position was. I told them “For me I’m prolife, for others I’m prochoice.” I don’t like the idea of someone going out and having an abortion. I do believe it’s murder, which is part of why I will never do it. But I don’t think I’ve got the right to force my beliefs on someone else, for one. For another, and more importantly, I think education is more important. You can’t necessarily replace good self esteem, which would keep you out of that position in the first place, with education, but you can make a pretty dang good attempt at it. Abstinence is nice, but you can’t convince everyone to do that either. And birth control is essential. The thought came up that the Catholic church is against birth control. But that makes no real sense when you consider the fact that another big thing for them is also celbacy for certain people. I mean, that does the same as birth control—keeps the guy’s stuff from the girl’s stuff—so how can one be okay but not that other. But then I guess that’s the great paradox of human kind, huh?

No more abortion talk…I’ve been a bit busy this evening. I sorted through the box that’s been sitting full of stuff on my futon. I don’t much like the fact that right now that’s full from one end to the other with stuff, but it’s not so bad—the stuff is on it’s way out. One is the box that was full of stuff, which I also use for the Penny Savers each week. That will be moved to the bottom of the stairs for the week after I deliver them on Sunday. The other big thing on the futon is the pile of phone books waiting to be delivered as well. I folded the basket of towels and clothes that have been sitting in my living room most of this week. I’ve got to get the sweaters and my shawl out of the dryer sometime soon, and bring the sweaters to church this weekend.

Now I have to figure out where my grocery list went to. I’d been doing really good today, figuring out all the things I needed and had made a mental note of. …bandaids, grocery bags, the turkey for next week, meat for this as well as some peppers and some salad. Hopefully I’ll find it before I leave to bring D to GS. I’m hoping to spend no more than $50, as I’d like to have some money left over for our anniversary dinner in case we need it. Maybe we can make it an anniversary lunch, since I’d really like to go up to Olive Garden. We’ll see 🙂 Wow, and in pondering our finances in I found that a charge we had made a couple weeks ago FINALLY hit. I was starting to wonder. Now I’m waiting to see how our gas bill goes….this is the balancing month, and we’ve been billed, over all, a bit over $151 since the last balancing period. There is a remaining balance, after the payment I just made, of about $112, and I’m not sure how they will handle that. I know that before when we had a balancing month paired up with a remaining balance of something that was about what we were over charged, the balance was cleared. I think it will end up that we will have a negative balance left over, which will be credited to us next month and I will (a) have money for the kids for Christmas (plus some money to use somehow to donate), and (b) will not have to pay so much in January. At least that’s what I’m hoping! I’m not going to change my mind about what my dad, sister and mom are all getting, but I’ll be able to have a bit of fun for the kids. It’s a good thing my ideas for that are actually rather targeted. 🙂 And the bill over all will work out for me as well 🙂 Though, maybe it won’t work out for me. I hope so, I’d like to do something decent for the kids. Maybe I’ll just have to do what I did when I started having the bit over that we owed. I hope it will be a good thing….ugh. The suspense is killing me!!! :-S I shouldn’t have to wait longer than the weekend.

Okay, during that short space, I was out doing a lot. I sat here and looked at some blogs (some a really funny, that I got from the Blog of Note feature here on Blogger), then we brought my daughter to GS, went grocery shopping, things like that. Now we’re home, T’s at work, and the little guy’s in bed. He went down easier than he had been, back before I was able to commit to getting him to bed at a decent time, but not as easy as the last few days. Now I’m getting tired, and I wanted to get started today on the flowers I’m supposed to be making for mom. Doesn’t look like I’m going to get any dishes done today. Oh well, if tomorrow isn’t nice—as it’s not supposed to be, it’s supposed to snow—then there’s something I can do besides some stuff on recent lists for cleaning around here. Before I know it, it’s going to be time to figure out where the tree goes. Thanksgiving’s in less than a week.

I want something to eat, though I’m not really all that sure what it is that I want. I don’t want a sandwich, and the only thing we can have anyhow is a peanut butter one. But there’s really nothing else to eat around here. I’ve already had a salad—we didn’t really have any dinner, so that sorta takes the place of one. I didn’t get anything to munch on other than the salad. I’d like something to eat, but not the sandwich. I told myself….and obviously can live up to it pretty well….that I’m not going to eat anymore bread. It’s something I definitely like, a lot. Always have. 😐 I could go for a couple cinnasticks from Pizza Hut again. :-|I’d like just one little piece of chocolate too. Nothing like that around. The microwave kicked the bucket, so even we had it I couldn’t make any popcorn. *sigh* I’m not going to have any bread.


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