Haven’t left yet

We’re still existing on the slow computer tower from my grandpa through my dad, which has Windows 98 on it. I only try to get on once or twice a day, down far far from my multiple times a day like before. I get on only to check my inbox, plus the folders for WNY_C and anything from Scent-Sations. I have no idea when we will get a new computer. I’m hoping for a fundraiser around here soon, but I have to deal with the money situation until then. I wish it were better, but all in God’s time. I have to pray hard, often, but I know I will get through. Still bound and determined not to get myself a real J.O.B. At the very least not until P is old enough for daycare or school. Which won’t be any time soon to my satisfaction.

Most of this week I have made an effort to get out and walk more often than just for the Penny Saver route. I didn’t walk really really far, but I got out and that’s what counts!

Otherwise—-Thy Will Be Done…….

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