We’ve had a rough couple of days with this computer. First, on Tuesday, T didn’t get to bed until nearly 2pm because he was working on figuring out why he couldn’t get his co-worker’s computer to connect to the cable broadband instead of the dial up like it’s used to and wanted to. His co-worker came to pick up the computer that day, while T was in bed and we were at Weight Watchers. Then, when I sat down to log onto my side, and look at my stuff, including check my email to see if I got my first distributor there (which we all know I did :-D), it froze on me. It kept freezing and/or acting up yesterday, and today it took me 5 attempts to get it to load today! 😦 At least I’m on now, but T says that it only means one thing, that it’s time for a new computer, and I have no idea how we’d go about getting a new one. Even though T’s been eyeing the computers at WalMart because I guess they’re pretty inexpensive. It wouldn’t be the first time we got one from WalMart, but the processor on that one burned out FAST. T went to upgrade the memory on it, and it blew somehow. That was about 3 or 4 years ago, at least the semester before I got pregnant with P. And he’d actually think about getting 2, so we each have one. That way we don’t have to fight about who’s on when, and I can have myself my own little office like center over on my desk which I hardly ever use 😦

Anyhow, last night’s dinner was actually pretty good! 🙂 Tuesday evening the kids and I went outside, and they played a bunch with the neighbor girl. While we were out there, we checked out the neighbors porch, and got some veggies they had out there. The wife had told us any time we wanted any of what they had on there, from their plot of land about 10 miles from here, that we could just take it, so we have been. I’ve got a bunch of cut up zucchini in my freezer in the wash room (which I have to go check again, because the door must have been left open or something—things weren’t frozen any more in there). Now I have several more zucchini and a couple more squash as well waiting to be cut up. But what pertains to last night’s dinner is the tomatoes we also got. We got a few roma size, and a few bigger ones. I cut up 2 roma, and put them in the pan with some onion and olive oil, then tossed whole wheat penne in with some parmesan. It ended up nice and CREAMY, in part I think because of the extra little bit of oil, and the juice from the tomatoes 🙂 Take a look….YUM!

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