It’s electric!!!

I titled this like this because today has been quite an interesting day! I was able to talk to 3 people about the business—but more on that on my Candle Biz Blog 🙂 Hee hee. Maybe I should have titled THAT post this instead. Or just that post. But the rest of the day went well too. We also went out today and had a bit of fun. And my daughter asked that her new friend come over so they can do their homework together. I had to go across town to pick up her friend, but she’s a nice girl and it went well.

Today’s feature dish is Twenty Minute Minestrone Soup (though with my activity this evening it ended up taking a bit longer than twenty minutes!!!). It turned out AWESOME, and I think because I put in a bit more than the recipe calls for, it is going to go a lot further than 4 servings!!!

Now what I’m looking forward to is having a Klondike Slim A Bear 100 Calorie Fudge Bar. MMM so smooth, and DELISH! 😀 But I’m going to wait just a bit. That was part of us being out and about this afternoon, I went and bought 3 boxes. They will last me a while! 🙂


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