Later tonight….

I will be asleep. But hopefully not as late as last night! My little guy, thank goodness, was his usual self. No need to worry about his little bump on his head. It still hurts, poor thing, but he’s his normal self. Like I said yesterday, I’ve had to thank goodness for him being so because it could be worse. But it’s not! So that’s a good thing 😀 Also, after talking to someone at dialysis yesterday, mom asked me to ask the doctor’s office about his lead levels, which I know where checked with his last bit of blood work. That was a bit of good news as well…he was a 4, and the range is a 0-9. So he’s right in the middle, no real worries. Well, my mom and I are both concerned because this IS an old house—but it’s not over the range, and he’s pretty much a normal little 2 year old boy. Sure, he might not be talking quite as well as some people might want him to, but I’m not worried, each kid grows at his own pace! 🙂

Funny thing happened to my mom and dad today. Nothing bad—but they had to spend the day with the mother of the trailer park terror. Good thing—we haven’t had to deal with him much since I started complaining about him on here, LOL! My dad said that once she said who her son was, it negated any and all thing she had said up until that point :-S Well, she is full of bull 😦 She sees the wrong in other people’s parenting, and doesn’t see the wrong in hers. And she wonders why….My kids are good kids, but I’m not too proud to acknowledge that they might have their faults too! :-\

Well, I have a few more things to do, and then I’m going to bed. I’ve got to take my shower, read a bit, crochet a bit and then I’m turning in 🙂

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