Long day…

I’ve spent most of my day cleaning today. It was broken at about 3, however, by a quick trip to the emergency room. My little guy fell and hit his head on the wall. I’m hoping that he did not hit the brick fireplace which was within the 2 foot area where I know he had to have hit his head. He’s been his usual self (so much so there were a few times when I had to repeat to myself “be thankful, be thankful, be thankful” because I know that it’s possible the visit to the er could have been different!!!).

This weekend was actually a pretty good one. The local Festival was this weekend. My family and I were only able to make it on Saturday (though I would have loved to have gone to the parade on Sunday—now that I think about it, it would have been a great networking opp!! But we went to the other reason why this weekend was so good!), but I gave my card to 7 people during the short time we were there, BEFORE it rained, LOL. I got to see people I like to stop and see…there are 2 ladies, a lady I met at the gym before I went in the Army and a lady who I have bought jewelry from since before that! I also gave a biz card to my sister’s maid of honor’s mother—and instead of simply talking about the biz, in the few breaths I had I talked about her granddaughter, who is her other daughter’s daughter. I could have talked about her oldest as well (the baby’s mother and the girl I graduated with, where as my sister graduated and is best friends with her younger daughter), but we didn’t have the time as they were on their way across the street and we were just arriving!

The get-together was fun. We had ladies from all over the state, not just local! One traveled 3 hours to see us—that felt good. She’s a NICE lady! 😀 We got together and made and afghan for one of the members who got married this month—she was so busy that she didn’t even notice the one or two times someone slipped—because she deleted so many emails!!! LOL!!! I assembled 🙂 I’m hoping to keep that going, and I already have an idea for who the next recipient will be!!!!

My head is getting to the point where it hurts, but I have a few more other things I’d like to do.

Another thing that I’ve been pondering, pretty much since I sat down here. I find myself drawn to recommitting myself to the Lord. Two or five years ago you might not have seen me say that….but the pull is strong now. I found a great site when I first started thinking/working on this. And it’s based on my favorite Bible chapter (yes, a whole chapter!), Proverbs 31
It’s helped me with at least one thing that’s been weighing on my heart. One I won’t mention because it’s a bit personal. I’ll write that in my journal. The other is money. Now, I have a struggle each week when I see how much money we have coming in, and how much more needs to go out. It’s part of why I started the candle biz. We’ve looked at the income potential for the fundraiser we might be getting from the lady whose house we were at this weekend, for the get-together. It’s great. Now, when I look at it, what I consider first is all the problems it would take care of for us….bills I’d love to get paid so creditors quite calling, keeping up with the bills we have every month (for once in long time there’s a bill I’m not sure I’m going to be able to pay all of this month. It went sky high this last reeval 😦 It did not make me happy. How is it that in the summer things are tighter than they should be?? I don’t get it!), investing in things for our future. I don’t often think of the “fun” things we could do….you can check out my list on a cool new list site I found too! This is what I think of first, not “fun” things all the time (there is one “fun” thing I can think of on it—but consider this, it’s still not for fun fun, it’s for my walk with God!). Taking care of my family!!! That’s ALL I think about!!! NOTHING else!!! So, what I’m worried about though is, being that money is something seen as the Devil’s playground (right along with idle hands, which I DON’T have!), will we get corrupted? I hope not…I hope I’ll always be the kind of person who thinks of her family and others first. And I can’t say it enough, I LOVE the company and the product!!!!! 🙂

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