What I’ve been doing over a week…

Let’s see….

Today was about the same as last week, only we didn’t go to the National Night Out because that’s once a year. I also have left the candles in the truck all week long, so I didn’t need to pick both the candles and T up when we went to Weight Watchers. And this week instead of Pizza Salad fixin’s, we grabbed ink and barbeque fixin’s at WalMart instead of Quality. Otherwise, this week I:

Kept most of my dishes washed
Kept the floor picked up
Washed and FOLDED clothes in the same 24 hour period
Cleared off my desk
Sorted through my pile/box of crochet and knit patterns in order to collect knit ones up for someone and decide once and for all which crochet ones I will be giving to others at a local crochet get together
Started reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Got hooked on The Offical Corey Haim Website message board
Lost 1.6 pounds (the 1 I gained last week plus another .6 more!)
Decided I’m switching back to Points

Not bad. I plan on keeping up with my site a lot better and continuing to fix it up and upgrade the html to something that looks cool!!! 😀

Now let’s see if I can RSS feed the blog to my website!!! 🙂

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