You know, sometimes I’m just all talk….

In the emails for the group for the candle biz, I got a really great article today. It basically says that positive affirmations are all well and good, the only way things get done is by DOING them. I guess that means have faith and follow through with the action. Hmm. Makes some sense, doesn’t it? I’ll see if I can find a link to the article or something, so I can post it here 🙂 I wish we had some ink in the printer so I could print it off and carry it with me.

So I got to thinking, well, I’ll start tomorrow, since there’s little I can do that I have to do that I can start doing today. But then I thought—wait, that’s not true. I can start one thing tonight—I can go to bed at a decent hour. So, in that vein….I’m going to bed at 11. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I’m going to have my little guy in bed by then (he took a small nap this evening when we got home from getting the car inspected, so he’s still a bit energized), and I will force my big girl to go to bed and go myself. I’m also going to wash my clothes, which need doing. They’ll be in the washer overnight, but oh well.

Then tomorrow I’ll—

Get PSs
Fold/Stuff PSs
Deliver PSs
Bring mom her wash
Put away 1 basket/box/tub of things on desk
Fold and put away my clothes
Fold and put away basket of stuff sitting here
Wash basket in wash room
Make Italian Chicken

Sunday I can:

Wash Tom’s clothes
Do more dishes
Fold and put away Tom’s clothes
Post about stuff I want to sell
Shred candle(s) and make up another bunch of samples, attaching them to cards and catalogs

I can also put aside $5 a week, putting it into my biz account so that it has money in it when I need it for biz stuff, and in hopes to get more money coming in. Also, I can bring prepared biz cards everywhere I go. I’m also going to get my website up and running, I’ve already started going over my text book from my website building class, so I know more code than just the stuff I know now—there’s more to it.

As for the candle biz, I dropped off the basket for the chinese auction at a local art gallery, which I learned about from freecycle. I also told the guy who did our inspection about the biz, and he just about jumped out of his skin, LOL!!! I hope THAT one turns into a sale. I need a sale so bad, the rush from one is too intoxicating!!! 😀

Let’s see, what else? I don’t know, but I am getting tired anyhow, so I’ll head off towards the bedroom, and getting my clothes washed 🙂 Let’s hope it cools down soon!!! It’s so hot out!!!


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