Not a bad weekend.

We went to the fair yesterday. It was actually pretty fun. We even started out really nice and early. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the fair THAT early before—we went through the gate about 12:30. We walked around a bit because the rides hadn’t started yet, and looked around the exhibition hall at all the entries. I’ve got to enter something in the fair next year, and I have an idea of what I want that to be. The tablecloth—but not the one I made, another one with a different thickness of thread—slightly thicker, and I’m going to try for all one color, white. And I want really bad for T to enter a picture or two. We also have to sit down and figure out what pictures he’s going to enter for a local contest. I’ve got to see if he’ll sit down and do that today or tomorrow. The contest ends on Tuesday.

On our way home from the fair, we stopped at WalMart and I got a copy of Harry Potter #7. I wanted to read all the others again first, but I saw the price there, and finally more were in stock, so I got it! 🙂

Today has gone smoothly as well. I stayed up until almost 3 reading HP#7, so I got up later than I wanted to. I went out about 1 for my route, and it was basically done by 5, which is when it’s to be out—by 5 on Sunday. Not bad for doing it all myself (my daughter ended up being a pain while I was filling the bags, so I told her she got to stay home.). D did do 1 street, not far from the house—she’s getting older and I’m letting her have a bit of freedom once in a while. Being a parent to an older child isn’t easy—but I’m sure that’s not a surprise to some!

Now we’re off to see my mom before T has to go to work. 🙂

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