Another day…

Still have to deal with those kids. I don’t know what I’m going to do about it. I pray really hard about it right now. I’d like to say something to the police, but they haven’t done much other than talk. Cheap talk at that. I wish there was someone to go to like when I was in middle school. Back then there was one girl my age who picked on me a whole lot, really mean like too. The new principal that year—it would have been my 7th grade year—he told us that if there was anyone treating us like that and bullying us, to go to him and he’d help us take care of it. So, that’s what I did—she was nasty to me, and I went to him about it. We both went to his office to talk about it, and boy oh boy—he wasn’t yelling, or mean to her, we just all sat down at the table in his office and talked, him talking to her about it, and me telling him what was going on. The whole time I had my head held high, and her head was down and she was picking at a tissue in the box in the middle of the table. Now I’m wishing for another person of authority like that—that will talk some SENSE into this kid!!! I’m thinking if I DO go to the police, it would be to ask them what to do about it. What makes me feel the saddest about it all is that I’m supposed to be one of those authority figures who are supposed to solve this for my daughter. I can’t do that anyhow because this kid just pisses me off so bad—him, how he acts, his situation, the fact that his mom either doesn’t care or is just in some HORRIBLE state of denial (any person like that just makes me really really sad)—she complains that HE gets picked on by everyone, everyone blames him for what he doesn’t do, every other kid’s parents are the bad ones (like the kid he’s hanging out with now :-\), etc etc etc. It makes me sick. We had a nice storm several weeks ago, and we all stood in a group by the garage as the electric company was here taking care of things. We were all talking, and the subject somehow came around to this kid who is riding around on his bike all the time, because the kid had not gone home during the rainstorm, despite the trailer park terror’s insistence. Sure. And she complained about how horrible HIS parents must be, letting him ride his bike around at all hours of the day, alone, etc….where as this kid…he’s been down in the middle of town in the middle of the night, he bucks authority, etc.

But you know, I’m intent on not letting this kid keep me in the house anymore. I’ve kept inside the house for the last 2 years, not now. No, this is my trailer park too, this is a place I pay for, I deserve to be able to use it freely. The sidewalk is a public place—if I need to use it to lose weight, I have the right to do so, he can’t keep me from it.

I’m asking the universe for a lot now. I’m praying for enough money to cover things we have to pay and now this.

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