I haven’t been totally out of it. Thanks to the prompting of a couple of the ladies on my Flying list, I have been writing pretty regularly. Some times it is every day, sometimes it’s here and there, when the ideas hit, sometimes it’s not at all. But my mind is on it. I’ve also got SOOOOO many other things going on….crafting of all kinds, a candle biz I’m trying to launch, family, housework, life. It all gets too crowded in my head sometimes. I need the feeling I get creating SOMETHING to clear it all out. And yet I still think I spend too much time in front of the computer. Stupid computer games!!!

But, I was still able to submit a piece to a writing contest. My first. Yay!!! I won’t know until the end of April (I believe) if (and I still always think WHEN first :-D) I place, but I won’t sweat it. I’ll just start looking for other contests, and see if I have stories in the works or can come up with ones to fit the bill!

Wish me luck!!!

Later Days!

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