Weight loss and progress

As of yesterday I hit 15 pounds. I’m really proud of me! 🙂

My next weight loss goal is 20 pounds by the end of April. You might think that’s too little—-and you might think that’s too much. 5 more pounds by the end of April?? It’s 5 weeks away….you can do better than that if you did 2 pounds in one week.

Well, that’s what makes it so perfect 🙂 I can lose at least 1 pound a week, and anything over that is icing.

So, to lose weight I found 2 things are the most effective for me: drinking milk each day and walking. I haven’t done much walking yet—it’s a bit difficult here in Western New York, since we’re infamous for being a very cold winter region. I think what’s made my weight loss possible so far is upping my activity at home and making sure to hit the Healthy Eating Guidelines 🙂 But, it’s getting warmer now, since it’s Spring :-D, and I walked several times last week. I’m looking forward to popping my headphones on, putting the little guy in the stroller, and dragging the oldest out for a walk once she gets home from school 🙂

I’m also making a committment to working on the home business. I’ve filled out my reasons/contract with my sponsor. Now I have to hear back from her. And I’ve got to recommit myself to writing again. I was going along really well, then I hit a bit of a snag on the stories. Now I have one that’s progressing to it’s end, and I’m still a bit stuck on the other one. I just have to write through the hard times. I think that’s what I will attack after I get off here, and work on typing more up. 🙂

I also started reading Body Clutter. It’s helped some. I’ve recognized some problem foods. I’m half way through chapter 5. I’m going to restart reading that one, and then do that journal.

Hmm…so now I need a slight PODA. Here we go, the things I want to accomplish today:

Write bills for this week
Type up some of some story
Look for 1GB storage
Read Body Clutter and journal
Eat lunch (Split Pea Soup)
Go on walk when oldest gets home
Bring out garbage
Wash towels
Fold clothes

I think that’s good for now. I have confidence I can accomplish a good number of those 😀

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