Dishes (isn’t it always?) – M
– Monday – kid’s – D
– Tuesday – mine – P’s is in
– Wednesday – T’s
– Thursday & Friday – collect up anything else
– Monday – pork chops in the crockpot – done
– Tuesday – cream chipped beef (buy a toaster first. Long story) – changed to crockpot chili – will get the toaster and make this maybe Friday
– Wednesday – Friday – gotta figure this out
Prep rent check
Post office prep
– fix/make any swaps that still need to be packaged
– hope that I finally get the payment for the stuff I’m going to send T3 so I can send all I need to
– drop stuff off at the post office
Phone calls
– P’s 2 yr – made
– Eye appointments for everyone (mine 1st because I NEED new glasses – and now we have vision coverage. REALLY GOOD vision coverage!!! :-D) – all 3 made
– Gyn appt. – just as I thought, with the problem 😦 guess I need to get on the paper work 😦
– GP about event monitor/palpitations (I’ve had very FEW since I used that thing!!!)
– candle biz
– college loan consolidation

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