Keeping things up…

It’s never perfect, but I’m keeping things up around here. My dishes are washed—lunch has been taken care of, dinner will be shortly after we eat it. The floor looks decent…there are toys on it right now, but they will be picked up soon enough. Our clothes are washed, though I have to do my husband’s—but it’s just the beginning of the week, he has MANY uniforms, and just about as many shirts, socks, and underwear! 😐 Garbage gets picked up regularly and, thanks to the WHB, is not ever overflowing again.

I’m going to work hard at getting myself to bed at a decent hour. I can’t keep these late late hours. Part of it is the computer—fine, I’ll just turn it off soon after dh goes to work. Part of it is watching the tv. Well, I went to pay the cable bill yesterday, and decided to ask about how much more getting our old set up would be, as well as adding a DVR. Not much at all, considering. So, we’ve got a DVR now. I’m going to LOVE it. We can record the stuff Tom wants to watch and watch it when he gets up (already did that with one show :-D), and I can record what I want to watch at night and watch it the next morning. I’m looking forward to THAT tomorrow—I LOVE Craig Ferguson (I know, crazy me likin’ strange actors), and I LOVE to listen to the Late Late Show when I’m up that late. Well, I programmed that in earlier. I’ve also set the tv to go off at 9pm. That way, we can do that last little bit of my Bed Time Routine 😀 and not have to worry about anyone vegging on the couch.

The washroom got taken care of Friday afternoon. The guy came, took a look, and sure enough it was leaking in the wall. He dug a small hole in the wall around it, and just replaced the pipe from where I had originally thought it was leaking to the edge over the bottom step on the stairs to the basement. After that I mopped the washroom. I’m not totally sure, but I think I will be changing the mop head. P’s lead count was a bit high (a 6, the doc mentioned that they prefer it be a 2. It’s an old house, and the kid is developing fine), so I don’t want to drag that in. Of course, I do have to take care of the other concern points in the house. 😐

Finally, I think I’m going to finally take a very big step. I thought I had mentioned this before, but in my quest to contribute to the household monetarily without going out of the house to do it, I found a company I like quite a bit. It’s a candle company, and I’m going to keep stuff quiet until I’m sure I’ll do it (as in I’ve paid the money, ha ha). But, I’ve already gotten one sample, and I LOVE the candle. Just as they claim, the scent is amazingly strong. Even after the candle has been burned a couple times. I moved the candle around, and there was no soot on the edge of the candle holder, like I have seen on a couple other candles I’ve burned lately. I was right next to the candle, so that might have helped in my smelling the strength of the scent, but I haven’t smelled that strong of a scent standing that close to other ones in the house at other times. Every time I’ve seriously considered selling these candles, I’ve got a really good feeling about it. There are only 2 other things I can remember off the top of my head feeling this good about—getting married and going to college. I’ve just got to open an account, and get the forms to start the whole thing up. It will be $50 a month, but I can work hard at selling them, and I think I can do it. I’ve got LOTS of places to sell them—my mom would even buy them!!! I could probably peddle them to my best friends (one, C, has already said she’d buy them, that she loves candles!), and to other friends online. I want to have a candle party with my sister and her friends, but we’ll see about that 🙂 It just feels right. And this month I even have the money for it! Hmm, maybe I’ll make that candle party my sister’s birthday party/Halloween/Fall themed! That’s an idea!!!

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