Tuesday’s Fun Markoffs

Okay, today went well so far. The last MAJOR thing I have to do is fold my clothes—but ya know, I’ve been eyeing them, and I KNOW they will get done TODAY. 😀 Haven’t gone out to the store yet but – gasp! – the cake is ALL DONE, frosted and made up for my lovely hubby. How? you ask…I MADE the frosting. I figured, I’m feeling good, adventurous, the clean up will be quick, why not? So I looked up vanilla frosting recipes and found a GREAT one. Of course, my first (well, second, but that’s because I thought what I did eventually do the sugar and water in was too big, and the directions are a bit shotty) attempt went molasses (very hard molasses…uh, yeah…), but I figured out when was the right time, and poof now I have enough frosting. I swear, I can never get store bought to go that far. And it’s so easy to add other things to it…you know, like coloring (got that), flavoring (added vanilla and chocolate—wonder what that raspberry syrup would taste like? Hmm, maybe I’ll make a cake for myself next week….it is after all MY birthday…and EXPERIMENT!!!), etc, and get it how you want it. I think it turned out very well. Took pictures too 😀 I think I’m sold on making my own frosting!!! It’s my second favorite kind (my first being the Light and Creamy over at Tops/Martin’s). I’ll post the pictures sometime, definitely on my blog later 😀

Breakfast – done
Dressed – done
Fly Mission
Fold T underwear and the sheets – done
Wash & Fold my clothes – half done
Get out a 3 ring for my “How Harry Met Sally’s” (connections of who, what, where, when, why for stories) – done, just gotta fill it, LOL!!!
Kage Baker info for “obit” – done, first draft was today’s writing, even worked with it a little more earlier
Make cake – done
Get frosting – done (made it)
Dinner = something for T—maybe steak? we’ll see – next thing I’m going to tackle 😀 – ended up being his hamburgers 😀


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