Monday’s Journey’s high points…and low

Garbage (so happy to find out this is part of WHB) – done
Bedroom (? – cause I didn’t know if Tom would want to) – done
Check Zone (yeah, I’m going to clean around my toilet later in the day :-)) – checked it, didn’t do it — yet! I’ll do it when I go take my shower. I can only fit that in at night. Otherwise, he and I get up in the morning and we go go go. Well, we sit sit sit, but I have to watch watch watch. On the days I HAVE to take a shower in the morning, someone always watches him — his sister, his dad. My dad a couple times.
Fold blue basket – not yet, on tomorrow’s list
Wash P’s clothes (as well as mine if I get the chance, which has become Tom’s too….) – washed, not folded, neither are T’s clothes
Bottom of stairs (frankly, the worst part of this is just all the STUFF that has accumulated to be brought upstairs. That’s T’s job—he’s the big strong man in the family, so…I’ve already told him exactly what I want brought upstairs) – yeah, it’s T’s job, so I’ll wait until he does it and then I’ll address it. He’s been working on putting door stops on the kitchen cabinets (okay, maybe I guilted him into those :-|), so I won’t try to “guilt” him into the stuff at the bottom of the stairs.
Bills (shred some) (I’ve got to sort these. I think they become part of tomorrow’s list) – gotta go through them, and if I can’t find the current electric bill (it’s not in the sorter. Why’s it not in the sorter?!?!?!?), I will call and do it over the phone cause I’m pretty sure you can.

I seem to remember a mention about Flylady doing a “Price Book”. I’ve looked all over the site where I think it might be. I’d like to do one (the notebook I want to use is right here next to the computer).

Now, I need to go knock my kid out with nursing. This might take a half an hour to do right, or it might take all evening. I’ll try it in the bedroom, instead of the couch, cause I really don’t want to have to keep bringing him back out, but….:-\ This is all trial and error.

I need chocolate…

(When this was posted in an email to the group I subscribe to in this area, someone commented to me that it was entertaining to read :-))


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