Lookin’ up

Things are starting to look better around here. Okay, so my husband only really sees that I’m moving stuff from boxes to baskets and back again—but I’m not going to be doing much more of that, especially after I get said baskets sorted out tomorrow.

Of course, I have to go and get sick once I start feeling better. My daughter had a sore throat (not terribly bad, but enough to mention it) last week, and now my husband and I are miserable, and my son doesn’t sound all that great with his coughing sometimes. I’m not taking much of anything for it—maybe a spritz of nasal spray here and there, because of breastfeeding—but my husband is still miserable on the nasal decongestant. And I’ve got the little guy on some nasal stuff too.

Speaking of breastfeeding….

Things are still going great for us. He’s always eager when he sees the source of his lunch (snack, breakfast, dinner, midnight snack, etc). I’m so proud of us for going so long. And I’m not going to stop until he’s ready—or we absolutely have to! I’ll try for the pump again, if I ever have to go to work, and we’ll just see from there 😀

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