Slipping, sliding, and falling behind…

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been on here, much longer since I posted—certainly longer than I thought I had. I haven’t logged on to my blog since late March—which is when I thought I had posted last….

A-Nope…I haven’t posted an entry since January!!! Can it really be that long? Hmm…now that I think back, maybe.

I don’t post so much cause I no longer have time to myself….uh, yeah….EVER!!! Well, I suppose I asked for it, huh? Wanting a new little guy, and all the wonderful stuff that comes with it….

I wanted to sit and mention why it is that I’m not posting, besides little guy taking up all my time.

My tooth has gotten REAL BAD. I went in for a root canal at the end of February, but she didn’t do the work. The lady just numbed me up (you do know women can be dentists too, right?). Then, I called the endodentist they gave me—I’d have to give them 3 checks of $250 a piece, and wait for my dental insurance to send me the money to reimburse me. Um, no thanks. I need that money! Then I tried the one up in Buffalo I keep hearing about on the tv and radio. $350 with insurance, when I can get $150 down here for getting it pulled. I was going to let the other dentist in the office I go to try the root canal, but I feel so like crud, and the appointment was on the 10th…I figure I’ll just pay to have it pulled. Better for all of us!!!

Food for thought….


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