Day 14-2 weeks of some kind of committment!!!

So….there are some things I want to get instituted soon. Like a real morning routine. It, as always, has to have flexibility built in. You never know when my husband is going to decide at 9 am to go to the credit union (on a trip I CAN go on), so I have to have that ability. Heck, I’m spontanious myself…who knows what I might want to do!!! At least I have the folder started—last night I hand wrote the front, and an encouraging statement on the back. Let’s hope…I also want to start an evening routine. I figure it should start about 6 or 7pm at the latest, depending on the weekday—since my daughter has 2 activities, and sometimes (wow, like today) I have to work them myself. Or I just have to deal with them. And I can’t watch my shows. But I have to make sure my daughter gets the living room cleaned up—I just hate getting up in the morning or after she and her brother have gone to sleep, and finding the floor a MESS. So I have to come up with how her stuff has to fit into the evening routine. As well as my son’s….*sigh* I just have to get it written down!

Get up, dressed (I never get it to the shoes…just enough to be presentable!) – done
Eat breakfast – done
figure out vcr
put away last of stuff from box
put away sewing machine, clear desk -done
write check for Chorale fundraiser – done (wrote gas bill too, and a letter to a family friend telling them about mom’s stuff—will send when we go to Chorale)
iron her shirt
work on roses
work Chorale pictures
get dinner started

That should be enough for now. I can’t promise more. I figure, with all the stuff I plan on putting in a give away box, I might try a 25¢ sale with them first! Of course, with the way weather’s going, I might have to hold off on that!


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