Day 9—sputter sputter

I got several things on my list done yesterday. I even managed to wash all my dishes before I went to bed!!! I just didn’t get all my folding done—another thing that needs to be done today :-
Today is a slow day for me. The major cleaning that’s going to get done is my daughter’s room—and SHE gets to do that!!! I’m going to work hard on SEVERAL roses for my bouquet, maybe even look into putting it together (depending on how far it gets), as well as making roses for the bootineers for my dad and husband and my daughter’s bouquet. All roses are a DEFINITE. I’ll do some dishes (which got ALL DONE last night :-D), maybe pick up a little, take care of hotspots, the like. I might get in transferring more addresses. My mom needs to transfer old addresses to her new address book, and a lot of the addresses in her address book are of family, that I want to make sure I have right. So when we were down there this weekend, and I think my dad said something about doing them, or my mom did, don’t remember who—I said I’d do it. I have more time that my dad, my handwriting is a lot better than my mom’s right now (because of all her stuff, she’s a bit shaky still), and I need some of the addresses. She went through and crossed out all the ones she no longer wanted, told me what to put where (she’s got some numbers she needs to grab quickly written on the front and back covers), and I took them home. They are now sitting in a pile—a pile of ADDRESS BOOKS, LOL!!!—on my desk. I put one address in both last night, since it’s one that I have that needs to be updated in both 🙂 (I sent out announcements when I had my son—more on the ball than I was 9 years ago :-S—and the one couple that has been a family friend for years sent back a nice card and their new address, because they moved. I’ve got to work on a letter for them too. Started one, but stopped in the middle and it reads really funny, so I have to start over, and tell them all that’s changed in a shorter time!!! The biggest pieces of news are my sister’s wedding, and my mom going into the hospital. That all happened after they left/the last time I or my parents talked to them). I might also consider going out to WalMart, to look into some stuff I need for my daughter and into last minute supplies for the bouquet—I STILL need straight pins!!

Okay, so I can get to all this, I’ve got to jet. Take care all 🙂

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