Day 7—still sputtering—and finding new goals

I tend to take the weekend off. I’ll see if I can unearth yesterday’s post to my group, and put that one for yesterday—tomorrow. It fills in a couple things for today.

So…today wasn’t too bad. I think I’ve found why I’m not feeling so good, and it’s not a good thing. 😦 I think my teeth are starting to retaliate against me again. That’s what happens when you DON’T BRUSH YOUR TEETH. But I’ve found what makes the pain go away *sigh* (just some ibuprofen, which we had a huge bottle of, but which has gotten lost!!! 😦 I blame my husband) At least my whole jaw is no longer hurting, huh? But I’ve got to solve the problem. Can’t right now—money’s short, next month is Xmas, and my daughter needs her teeth looked at. Those are my goals for next year, I hope they can wait until then. At least her’s isn’t urgent. Neither is mine, if they respond to simple pain management.

Anyhow, that’s not what I wanted to talk about. Today I managed to…

Wipe down the kitchen cupboards
Wipe down the kitchen counter
Wash a load of laundry
Vaccum my floor
Go with my husband to submit our rings for engraving
Organize my desk so I can go through it tomorrow…and write bills then
Brush my teeth
Take a shower
Give my son a bath
Get my daughter to her special activity today
Make dinner
Wash dishes (except for the dinner ones!!!)

Tomorrow I want to….

Get up and get dressed soon after
Have oatmeal for breakfast
Organize my desk
Pay bills
Wash all dirty dishes
Go for a walk!
Look into different recipes in anticipation of the holidays (hoping to make these for gifts, just as something different)
Finish off the white flowers
Fold all washed laundry
Set up evening routines
15 minutes of SOMETHING EXTRA

I’ve decided on a goal for myself, a new habit (in reaction to both Flylady and the Habit Builder around here.). I can’t make it making dinner every day, since I’m doing really good with that (and I have enough meat to last me for a while). Well, I guess 2 or 3 goals. One is to take one thing around the house that needs done—like the kitchen cabinets today—that will make this house look better, and get me further along the way to getting this house in order. My desk tomorrow isn’t tomorrow’s—that’s a hot spot I need to keep under control, totally different thing—but I will find one thing. I’ll tell you tomorrow what. Another goal is to get out and move. I think I’ve come to that point I need to get to to start losing weight again. The first time around, it was finding I had the confidence in myself, cause I saw I could get through a difficult class. Now, it’s watching Biggest Loser, knowing the depths they’ve felt, and seeing them hit the heights they are. My role model is Dr. Jeff (those who watch it know)—he’s lost 100 POUNDS!!!! That’s my weight loss goal. I will do it…I know I can, I’ve lost 2/5 of that before (quick math—that’s 40 pounds, LOL!)!!! I’d like 10 pounds in the next month—so I can look just a little better in the dress I hope to wear to my sister’s wedding. By next year, I hope to be down those 100 pounds, so I can look good in the next round of family portraits (I hope to get some after we renew our vows!). It’s possible, just 10 a month is 120 pounds!!! 5 a month is 60—10 a month is closer to Weight Watchers at 2 a week—or 8 a month—which I’m used to but don’t have the money for again just yet. The last is instituting a bedtime routine—which is something I need for me and my two kids. My husband works 3rd shift, so he’s not here for it. But he factors big into it. I’ve been really good about getting a shower every day for about a year now—since a couple months into my last pregnancy, because I was feeling dirty EVERY DAY and it was the only thing that made me feel better from so many things. Well, my husband has always taken a shower before he went to work—I’ve just decided to give my son to my daughter to play with—she’s okay with him for short periods—and jump in with him. I find it funny to reflect—when we were living with my parents, we did the same thing. With very different…um…activities involved. Now it’s a place to talk and just generally reconnect. Then we were young…and, well, you know…;-) So that’s going to be the first piece of my control journal, setting up a night time routine, the last piece being putting this guy to bed and making one last sweep of the house.

Well, off to watch what’s left of L&O:SVU, get my son to bed, and get to sleep myself!!!

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