Something else to consider

We’re still having “problems” with how much the new little one sleeps, but it helps that I look at it all differently now. I have to keep in mind that no two babies are ever exactly the same. Also, they don’t follow schedules, they make up their own. I’m working hard to learn how to take my cues from him. I checked in a couple of the many places I have for information on how babies are, and the general concensus is that they tend to sleep between 14 and 16 hours a day. So I found my watch and used the chronometer on it to see how long he slept in a day, over 2 different days. I found he sleeps about 14 hours a day, give or take an hour here, so I’m no longer so worried. Now I’m just working on learning how to tell when he’s tired, and working on other things. I now have time to do things, more than just two seconds here and there, and I’ve got the energy to do them as well!!! I’ve actually been able to get some work done around the house, cleaning a couple of the rooms. And I plan on working on the kitchen some more (I worked on it last at 1-2 in the morning the other night!!!) this week, since the kids around here are finally going to school and, starting tomorrow, the new little one will have mommy all to himself! 🙂

We went to see my mom yesterday, with my dad, all 4 of us since my husband didn’t have to work this weekend (he did have to work tonight, even though it’s a holiday), and my sister’s godfather—who is a Lutheran pastor—showed up. My dad didn’t say a thing to any of us about it until we were sitting there not long after we got there, cause my dad had talked to him at some point before he left yesterday morning. Where my mom’s rehab is actually seems to be between where my sister’s godfather’s current church is and Erie, Pa, where he and his *friend*(really a nice lady :-)) were off to, even though both towns are, of course, in Pennsylvania. While he was there, he offered to give us communion—more notably my mom cause she’s not been able to go to church in soooooooo long—as well as baptize the little one—though I’m not sure if he was serious about that. I want my little one baptized in my church, though, which is part of why it hasn’t been done yet. Given the state of my religious/spiritual life over the last 10 years, I figure several people who know me might be surprised that I chose to take communion with them. Well, it was my family after all—to start—and I have to “keep up appearances” as well. But I’m starting to wonder if part of me isn’t drifting back to the faith of my birth. I’m working on how and what exactly I’m going to address about my spiritual side in my journal. I haven’t written anything down yet, but I intend to. I wouldn’t see it as getting away with being able to have both traditional and radical beliefs. Many characters in this human tragedy called life have held beliefs that were both traditional and radical at the same time. For instance, you can look at what little I know of Martain Luther’s struggle, which produced both Protestantism and Lutheranism.

And I must start writing again—something I plan on fitting in once I get this house cleaned how I want it, and get something of a pattern established for the little one and I during the day. We’ll see.

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