Shocking night…

Nothing bad happened, but woo hoo we had a small thunder storm tonight. It’s all gone but the rain—I didn’t stand or sit out and watch a lot of it like I like to, but I got to hear a lot of it. My favorite thunder is the kind that, even if it’s a ways away, will rumble for a while, to the point where you can feel it under your feet, and it makes everything around you shake and rumble a bit itself.

I have to say, the one thunderstorm I liked the best was the one we saw when we were on our way to my father in law’s house from the airport. I was super tired because it had been a long exhausting day of flights (2) and finding our way around, waiting waiting waiting to get out to Colorado. But it was just amazing watching the lightning off over the mountains, the mesmorizing lightning strikes, the rain…we were going 80 I think down Rt 25 (my brother in law, who was driving his new van to come and pick us up, is a speed demon!!!), but I felt completely safe. I was talking with my sister in law, and watching the lightning. I can’t wait to live out in Colorado in part because of the 360 view you can get of the sky, and you can see so much more of the sky than you can here. Here you have to look over a lot of trees—there’s trees out there too, even an abundance in some places, but because the ground is so much flatter, where there are rambling hills here, you can see so much more of the sky. My favorite weather is definitely rainy thunderstorming nights. 🙂 If the sky is dark enough with the clouds, even rainy thunderstorming days 🙂 I’ve been waiting for a night like tonight. The air smells refreshed now, now that it’s been washed by the rain 🙂

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