The end of a chapter

Today was my daughter’s last day of Brownie scouts. She’s a Junior Scout now :-). I’ve just got to call the lady who is in charge of the group that her old troop leader found for her. Her troop leader is moving on herself, which is in part the reason why my daughter is. She’s studying to be a music teacher, and will be student teaching next semester, so she will no longer have the time for the girls that she feels they deserve. Honorable, I think. Those girls mean the world to her, I know that she wouldn’t fold up on it if she didn’t really think it was better this way.

For the next kid, I’m looking forward to Boy Scouts 😀

I realized as I got out of the shower just now, I’m at that point where I wonder if I’m going to be pregnant forever. It’s just under a month until my due date, just under 3 weeks until my 29th birthday. Not possible, I know, to be pregnant forever, but I guess it’s just that each day sometimes seems to take forever. There’s something to do every day, but…I can’t even remember almost what it’s like not to be preggo…I miss being able to touch my toes, because to be able to clean this house like I’d like to, I need to be able to touch them!!! And if I have a C-section, it will be even longer. A C-section is possible—someone might be breech, we will find out tomorrow with a quick sonogram at my doctor’s appointment.

I can’t wait to have this kid, because I want to clean my house so bad. You don’t realize how much energy it takes just to do a little bit of cleaning until you have almost no energy at all!!!

Oh yes, and I plan on starting to put up pictures of my projects. One thing I have been doing is making baby stuff. Hmm…wonder why, ha ha…so I will post the one for my neighbor as soon as I get the last 6 or so things sewn on, and whatever else I have—the most of which are in my washer right now!!! 😐

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