Late night confession

Okay, it’s one of those times for a late night confession. I’m just tired enough for this to be a whim, but it’s all true…

My favorite kind of actor is a funny one. A comedian. Probably explains why I’m married to the man I am. Anyhow, because I prefer funny men, my top three actors at the moment are Robin Williams (also an Oscar winner :-D), Jim Carrey (which is a big surprise, cause I used to intensely dislike him because of how horrible his humor had gotten) and—the big late night confession—Ashton Kutcher. The reason why I like funny men, which can be proven with all 3 of these examples—even Ashton—is that they can actually play both sides of the drama face very well. Robin won his Oscar by, I believe, his work in Good Will Hunting, and while it was panned over for an Oscar, Jim Carrey was actually pretty good in The Majestic (which is one of my husband’s favorite movies). Ashton also did well in The Butterfly Effect.

Ashton has to be the biggest surprise as a favorite of mine. But he kind of reminds me of a guy I knew in high school. I didn’t much like him either, right off the bat, but I have to say they have several characteristics in common. They come off as self important, but are actually rather deep people (well, I hope the guy from high school is deeper than I percieved him to be). They play both comedy and dramatic roles very well (he was in nearly every play from our sophomore year, I believe, on). I’ve found out several surprising things about Ashton that make me pay attention when he’s on. He plays a rather ignorant character on The 70’s Show, but he’s smart enough to have been working on something like genetics in college. Honorable, very honorable…

The real crazy thing would have been emailing that guy from high school though. I’ve got his email address copy and pasted in the computer gith now…


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