What happens if….

Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you hit “go to next blog” up in the right hand corner of the screen. Just to be curious (and waste time), I did. I went to someone’s blog that was in Arabic (at least, it looked like the little scribbles I associate with Arabic—it’s not like I can read it!!! :-\), then I went to…hm….someone whose blog had the picture of someone in a red and white turban like thing that, again, one might find in the Middle East, but it was in English, and I think they were writing commentary on the US government. I didn’t read much from there either (like I could from any of the first one, ha ha), but I followed a link to a page they had linked to about Sen. Frist and animals. The next blog looks like some high schooler’s, it was all black with interesting (well, for a high schooler) poetry, etc. Then I went to a blog of someone who I think is in college, recently broke up with their SO, then someone who must be in sports in Nashville, then some guy who found he was gay after he got married and had a couple kids, and he was relating his life as it is now. Very interesting, I think I’ll blog surf some more later on. Now to finally go outside!

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