Starting the weekend.

Okay, I hate coming up with titles, but I don’t feel right not having a title on my entries. I feel it important to get people ready for what they are about to read, though I’m not always very good at it. And I need the practice for my stories, so I keep putting a title up. Also, congratulate me. I’ve kept this blog going for almost a week now.

It’s a typical weekend so far, really. Just staying at home, watching tv, not doing much of anything. Even though I have done a little cleaning, and I put something in the crockpot for dinner tonight. It was supposed to be last night’s dinner, and I had something else I could have made in it’s place, since I was so tired yesterday morning, but instead I convinced him to pay for dinner. Not hard to do, LOL. I also ended up going to WalMart and buying a few things for the new little one. 🙂 I just have to go to the store today and get some groceries, though not right away. I’ll do it soon enough, I’ve got to sit down and make the list.

Otherwise, it’s a really nice day out. I’ve insisted my daughter clean her room, though, cause it really needed it. She’s almost done—I informed her how fast she gets it done shows how much she wants to go outside. It’s such a nice day, and her friends are outside, she’s almost done, and she’s only been really working on it for about an hour, so that says something. I’ve always told her that, if I didn’t think she could do something—such as clean her room—I wouldn’t ask her to do it. It’s amazing how things like that sink into kid’s heads and stay there. It sorta goes along with the lesson my husband learned at work, don’t show them you can do something, because then they’ll always expect it, LOL. Of course, I think I also picked that up and maybe was even told that a few times by my mom too, so…

I’m looking forward to going outside. I’ll just sit and work on my neighbor’s layette, but it’s so nice out there it’s better to work on it outside than in. 🙂 I might also take my notebook out with me, since I didn’t do anything yesterday, and slept through the time for it today, since it’s the weekend. And I think I’ll at least type up what more I have of the RW story this evening too. We’ll just have to see how things go 🙂 If nothing else, I’ll bring my journal along, it’s been a few days since I wrote much in it, and I never finished talking about last weekend, since I was so eager to work on my stories on Thursday.

Finally, I found a bit of a disappointment in the newspaper last night. There is an ad for the job I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! What job is it, you might ask? It’s a position as a Library Assistant (Technical). EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO DO. And I can’t apply for it!!!! I’m pregnant, and I doubt they would hire a pregnant woman, especially considering when I’m due, and when the job is supposed to start. My husband suggested I put in an application anyhow, just with the request that they hold my application for the next time they need to fill the position and an explaination why I can’t apply for the job now. I might do that. But I’m just a bit sad—I’m getting over it easily :-P—because it’s the job I want. And even if I had another job right now, I’d have applied for it as soon as I saw it, if I wasn’t pregnant!!!!!! But it’s all okay, cause I’m looking forward to this little person coming along, and my family is the most important thing in my life 😀

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